IndieGoGo Supporters

These are the biggest supporters of our IndieGoGo from 2016! That campaign helped us grow our second year and we are happily featuring the names and businesses of these individuals as a thank you!

Devon Talbert, 22 (He/Him)

TwitchTV Broadcaster/Streamer
I’m a dedicated gamer and the passion for video games is what brought me to where I am today. I love sharing my experiences in the gaming industry with viewers and gamers alike. My long-term goal is to take my platform and make a positive change in the gaming industry for Black gamers across the globe. Hope to see you guys soon and game on!


Ardranna W., (Her/She) . 

My name is Ardranna and for the last year I have been working on starting my business which is called Kismet Shoes Boutique! Our main goal is to empower women who wear larger than average shoe sizes. The fashion industry has made progress in accepting other shapes and sizes. Alas, that progress hasn’t made a big impact when it comes to the shoe industry. Shopping while existing outside of fashion norms is disheartening. Without spaces that celebrate your uniqueness, the desire to use fashion as self expression is diminished. Kismet can create that space with shoes designed just for this niche market by a member of the same market. I really hope that with this business I would be able to inspire new fashion possibilities, spark enthusiasm within this forgotten community and maybe even ignite a new love of acquiring the perfect shoe.
Kismet is still in the start up phase, and a great way track our progress is to Follow,Like, Subscribe to the Official Kismet
Instagram: KismetShoeBoutique

A special thank you to these individuals as well!

Summre J. (She/Her)
Twitter – @sameshift1910
Tumblr – summa1910

Sophia Chester (She/Her)

Facebook – Cosmic Callisto Caprica
Twitter – SophiaTheAuthor
Personal Tumblr – sophiaslittleblog
Author Blog- cosmiccallistocaprica
Youtube – Sophiaslittlevlog
Store –


Alli K., (She/Her)

Tumblr –